The Great Debate Really Has Nothing To Do with If A God Exists Or Not

By Alan D. Griffin

The Great Debate has really nothing to do with if a God exists or not or what such a thing might consist of. That question is a complete distraction from what is actually being argued, what is actually thought to be at stake, and the strong emotions on both sides of the debate.
Theists use their various concepts of God to justify their behavior. Whether it has an overall net positive or overall net negative to the culture they find themselves in. These God Concepts are not only used to justify personal behavior or the personal subculture they find themselves in but as a foundation to influence social policies and laws of their overall culture and even justification for war.
The atheist sees the power and influence such concept have had, do have, and can have on the overall culture and attempts to deconstruct such concepts to weaken the influence and power of these concepts to lessen their effects on the overall culture, various subcultures, and personal justification for behavior or condoning the behavior of others.
This is what is actually the heart of the conversation which has little to do with if a God or Gods actually exists or not. That question is a tool in a battle for influence nothing more.
God is but an Abstraction of an idea in which people have orientated themselves to produce a functional society.
Atheists simply see the flaw in the use of such an abstract concept and its failure to produce an actual functional society. Atheists just as the thinkers of the Enlightenment found reason and logical Deduction to be a better fulcrum for people to orientate themselves around to produce a actual functional society or societies.