Bio: My Worldview Autobiography By Alan D. Griffin The idea of god, church, and religion never made sense to me not even as a child. I believed in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth fairy, but something about the idea of god never sat right with me. I got kicked out of Sunday school at a Methodist Church for asking too many questions that they did not have great answers for, and they were afraid I was going to confuse the other children. My father was determined to have children that were independent thinkers. He would never give us a straight answer. He would give us enough basic information about whatever topic we were asking about for us to form our own opinion about the answer. I remember the first time I asked my father where do we come from? How did we get here? He told me about creationism and the teachings of the bible. When he saw I was almost completely convinced that this was the answer, he told me about Darwinism and Evolution and how science leans toward this answer. When he saw that I was almost completely convinced that this was the answer to my question he said, “Why can’t they both be right?” This was the defining moment of my life. My father told me every theory of life and Mythology he knew. Just as he had me convinced of each one he would tell me another one. He told each one without changing his expression or ever letting on to what he believed. He left it up to me to decide and my imagination and curiosity was sparked. To this day I am still not exactly sure what he believed. I’m sure he had no idea what profound effects this one conversation, so early in my life would have on me. My father always said there are two subjects that you should never talk about religion and politics. I think these are the two subjects we should talk about the most because they have the most direct effect on our lives. After my father died in 1991 I fell in to the supposed “wrong crowd.” I began to experiment with psychedelic drugs with my newfound friends. We stayed up countless nights on their psychedelics discussing the universe and theories of life. I soon realized a great deal more people that I ever imagined shared some the same ideas and theories I had come to believe in. I began debating Christians on various topics and would receive scripture quotes in return. I began to study World History, World Religions, Greek and Roman Mythology, The Bible, Ancient Mesopotamia and Near Eastern civilizations, Sociology, Anthropology, Philosophy, etc.. I had the Pleasure of touring the ruins of Babylon while deployed in Iraq. So surreal to stand in a place you have spent time studying. It inspired me so when I got back I enrolled in College with a Major in History and Minor in Philosophy with a focus on the development of Religions and the Early Mesopotamian culture.

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